Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Happy Wristlet Purse!

Project Details
This little project is found in the book Signature Styles: 20 Stitchers Craft Their Look by Jenny Doh.

Pattern – Happy Wristlet Purse by Heather Bailey

Fabric – Quilting Cotton: 1/2 yard Glittered Brown, Teal and White Flower Print Fabric.

Notions: – Medium-weight, iron-on Interfacing, Fleece Interfacing, Extra-heavy-weight interfacing,Thread, One 1-inch metal D-ring, 12 inch Zipper, Lining

A very simple project.  Making the wristlet handle and attaching it to the metal D-ring and then to the purse was fun.  I was puzzled for a while on how to attach the lining to the purse.  Then I finally mastered the process of sewing the lining to the top of the purse along the zipper attachment seam!  I brought ready-make teal grosgrain ribbon bows from Micheal’s to attach to my purse.

This cute little purse will become one of my signature accessories!


  1. This looks like a very useful sort of bag - I love the idea of the wristlet handle - that way you can more easily hold onto the bag, which is not a bad idea. I like clutches, but the lack of strap always put me off them.

  2. Cute..i like that..very simple.


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