Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Can Be A Wonderful Adventure!

In the year 2011, for my 50th birthday, Jocasta brought me a Skydiving Experience:
Suited to Jump

Sailing through the air

A safe landing

Well, this weekend, for my 30th Wedding Anniversary, Jocasta purchased a Rusty Wallace NASCAR Riding and Driving Experience for Willie and I. Willie drove a NASCAR by himself for 5 laps at 110 -130 miles per hour.  I rode in a NASCAR with a professional driver at cruising at 140 miles per hour on the Kentucky Speedway:

Suited to ride

The car I rode in

Climbing into the car for the ride

I think my daughter is trying to find a way to collect my life insurance!  No seriously, she brings so much joy into Willie's and my life!  We love you dear and thanks for the wonderful experiences.


Diana said...

Wow ! You certainly lead an interesting life! It makes my country living seem quite dull! (But I love it!)

Regina Gee said...

Thanks Diana, I believe in living in the moment and enjoying it to its fullest.

Angela said...

I have a friend here who did a skydiving experience for her 50th! Your daughter is a good gift giver:) Both those look like loads of fun.

Charlene said...

Gina, I dont want to put Jo on Snapped or Killer Kids lol!! I love her for keeping her Mom's life exciting!!!