Friday, June 6, 2014

There's Bugs On The Table Table-Topper!

Project Details
My boss, Pam, displays a little pinwheel table-topper on a table in her office. Whenever I enter her office those little pinwheels have always caught my eye and my heart.  I have fallen in love with those pinwheels and was driven to learn how to make them!  So, I got online and purchased a “Lil' Twister” tool from CS Designs to make my own little pinwheel table-topper.  Here is my There's Bugs on the Table Table-Topper!

See the little snails, bees and butterflies! 

Lil' Twister Tool
24 5-inch fabric squares sewn together in 6 rows across by 4 rows down
1/3 yd fabric for 3 inch border around the sewn blocks for Step 1
½ yd fabric for 3 inch border around the sewn pinwheels for Step 2
½ yd fabric for binding, 1 yd fabric for backing, 1 yd batting

Making this table-topper is a 2-step process.

STEP 1 - I sewed the 5 inch squares together in the row pattern as indicated. After rows are sewn, I attached the 3 inch border.  I pressed the entire piece during the process using Mary Ellen's Best Press spray starch.  Next, I followed the cutting instructions  provided with the Lil' Twister tool!

STEP 2 - Now believe it or not, after cutting, I now had little pinwheel blocks to arrange and sew together to create my topper.  After pinwheel blocks were sewn, I attached another 3 inch border.  Again I pressed throughout.  Then I attached batting and backing finishing with a binding to the edges.

I love these bugs on my table!


Charlene said...

This is so cute sister needs two in black and gray for her side tables!

Vickie said...

Wow! You go ahead Martha Stewart!